Hi, folks. I'm Kenneth So. This is my sixth year in VSA. I started my teaching career right after obtained my Mathematics bachelor degree from the University of Waterloo of Canada. Flashing back my 25 years of teaching life, everyday is full of surprise, excitement and joy. A good education is the gateway to success, I'm proud to be one of the facilitators to help the students passing through the gateway and to walk with them during the challenging and exciting learning journey.

My academic duties of the current year are as follows:

  • Subject teacher of Year 7 Mathematics

  • Subject teacher of Year 11 and 12 Mathematical Studies

  • PP supervisor of two Y10 students

My administrative duties of the current year are as follows:

  • Head of Year Six
  • Student Affairs Coordinator (Prefect team)
  • Adviser of School Tennis Club

If you have problem on Mathematics and feel frustrated, please either contact me by email or visit the assessment wiki of our Mathematics department .For sure, you should always visit our general learning platform(VSA_Learning).

Other than teaching, I love cooking, playing tennis and taking care of my adorable cats.