2014-2016 MST Internal Assessment

Requirements & Recommendations

  1. Each project must contain:
    • a title
    • a statement of the task and plan
    • measurements, information or data that have been collected and/or generated
    • an analysis of the measurements, information or data
    • interpretation of results, including a discussion of validity
    • appropriate notation and terminology.
  2. Historical projects that reiterate facts but have little mathematical content are not appropriate and should be actively discouraged.
  3. Work set by the teacher is not appropriate for a project.
  4. Students can choose from a wide variety of project types, for example, modelling, investigations, applications and statistical surveys.
  5. The project should not normally exceed 2,000 words, excluding diagrams, graphs, appendices and bibliography. However, it is the quality of the mathematics and the processes used and described that is important, rather than the number of words written.
  6. In developing their projects, students should make use of mathematics learned as part of the course. The level of sophistication of the mathematics should be similar to that suggested by the syllabus. It is not expected that students produce work that is outside the mathematical studies SL syllabus.

Assessment Criteria

Samples of the projects from other students

Before deciding your IA's title, please read the "Guideline on Internal Assessment"


Work Schedule & Deadline of Submission

Form A

Before starting your project, fill up the form below in order to execute your planning.

Standard Cover Page